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Thursday, August 31, 2006

English Toffee

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

My first try at English toffee was not as successful as my first try at peanut brittle, which rocked.

I blame the recipe from this site. I've made the French salted caramels from the site too, and they turned out delicious but way too soft. The English toffee was the same way even though I added fifteen degrees to the printed finishing temperature. I'm just going to have to keep on hunting til I find the perfect toffee recipe!

This batch tastes fine. Good chocolate, crunchy almonds, nice slightly salty toffee. The problem is, the toffee has no snap! It has the texture of a praline from New Orleans. That is to say, a bit sandy.


Aaron said...

Foggy San Francisco days? High humidity can spell disaster for candy making. In other words, it might not be the recipe, but the weather. Maybe wait for a sunny dry day, or borrow a friend's kitchen in the inland area?
On a side note, I've been loving the posts lately...keep 'em comin'

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty foolproof toffee:

Plus it has salt! Yea for salt and chocolate!

Jaime Mac said...

Wait, did you figure out why you got the "sandy" texture? I have been trying for years to get that exact thing to happen! It occured when I first started making toffee and being as I had braces and couldn't chew a sticky candy I loved it, but I have been unable to recreate it : (