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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Four Sea

Four Sea remains my favorite place to eat a Taiwanese breakfast (click here for previous post). Not 100% of the menu is amazing, but for variety and overall quality it can't be beat. And even the dishes that they don't do well can't really be found elsewhere in LA either, really solidifying their place at the top of the Taiwanese breakfast game.
My favorite, savory soy milk. Think of it more as a tofu soup.
No, wait, the daikon pastry might be my favorite. It's a pastry filled with soft hot shredded daikon and white pepper.
Sao bing filled with beef and pickled vegetables. Four Sea really does do this dish better than anyone I've found in LA. It's always fresh and hot, probably because they get a high turnover on it.
Wa gue (literally "bowl cake" in Taiwanese). This is a close cousin to a pan-fried daikon/turnip cake that you'd find at most dim sum restaurants. It's usually more dense, is topped with a soy sauce egg and ground pork, and comes in a garlic soy sauce.
We made the mistake of ordering a northern Chinese dish, leek pastries. Bleh. Not good at all. J said the versions I've tried my hand at are better, which dissuaded me from even taking a bite. I'm not really a fan of this in the first place, and I'm not very good at making anything northern Chinese, so the fact that this was worse than my attempts was pretty sad.
There was also a cold tofu in ginger sugar water that wasn't very good, so I didn't take a photo. Total bill for the two of us was about $15.

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