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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Cupcake

If there's one thing I've learned from living in this city, it's that San Franciscans do NOT joke around when it comes to food or parties. And when the party is about food, forget about it!

Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest at American Cupcake's opening party. Situated on Union Street (near Laguna), American Cupcake is definitely hip enough for the Marina crowd. The entire restaurant is lacquered white, and the ceiling is decorated with color-changing bobbles and wall lights. The overall effect is that of being in a room whose color almost imperceptibly changes. It was blue when I walked in, then later I noticed it was pink, and at one point it was rainbow. In addition to fun decor, American Cupcake offers a menu of not just cupcakes but also an array of All-American comfort food (more on that later.) 

The most visually unique cupcakes were definitely the cotton candy cupcakes. American Cupcake does cupcake well: moist and fluffy with silky frosting. What more can a girl ask for?

In answer to that question, the staff at American Cupcake really kept the treats coming tonight. As soon as my friend and I sat down at one of the booths adorned with cotton candy, servers swept down on us with olives and a trio of nuts (not pictured). We sat back with our bubbly and soaked it all in. I think more restaurants should substitute cotton candy for flowers in their vases!

Before I could get very far into the cotton candy, we were presented with pulled pork sliders, topped with house made barbecue sauce and house made pickles. These were moist, delicious, and just big enough for four ladylike bites (okay, okay, two big bites). One thing that really impresses me about American Cupcake is that they're tackling both baking and cooking all in one venue. They even serve coffee and an extensive menu of peanut butter and jelly variations--apple or banana slices, anyone?

Back to food. The prettiest dish was rare beef on top of toast, topped with a quail egg and caviar.. Talk about decadent!

The big winners for me, however, were the soups. Pictured above is the corn and clam chowder, which was really smooth, sweet, and true to flavor. I didn't get a photo of the cream of asparagus, which came with a poached quail egg at the bottom of the cup. I think the asparagus may have had a leg up on the corn just because asparagus is at the height of its season right now. Both were really amazing. 

We finished our evening with two cocktails: the incorrigible and the shameless. Yes, we picked cocktails that describe us: guess which one I am if you dare. American Cupcake offers its customers "cupcake flights," which are cupcakes paired with a drink. There was too much food and too many cupcakes floating around tonight to test this concept, but for example you can order a coconut cupcake with a Maui coconut porter, or a chocolate cupcake with a Guinness-based cocktail, etc. It's a cute concept, especially for the late night crowd that wants some food with their alcohol. I wish American Cupcake all the best! I always enjoy cafes that mix themes (shout out to Sugar Cafe!).

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So many cuppy cakes!