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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dong Bei Mama

Today we went to Dong Bei Mama.  The space used to be Panda Country Kitchen, but they got a new chef and a new name so we decided to revisit and see what was going on.

Smoked pig stomach.  You know J can't resist offal.  This actually tasted more like tea-smoked duck than anything else. It was interesting and I recommend it to the adventurous, but it's not exactly crave-worthy.

Beef rolls, on the other hand, I could eat on a fairly regular basis.  I liked this version.  A huge serving (about half of a $7 serving is pictured above) stuffed with cilantro, green onion, cucumber, beef, and some kind of hoisin-inspired sauce.  I could have used a little more sauce in mine, but I liked that the outside was crispy and the vegetables tasted fresh.

Pan-Fried buns filled with pork.  These are a lot more bready than traditional versions, and also less greasy.  I don't know that they are better or worse, just different.  I'm not a huge bun fan but I thought I'd try these.  They are good for snacking on, but I didn't love them as part of a bigger meal since too much dough leaves little room for other food!

All this, a bowl of beef noodle soup, and a side dish that ordered to go rang up at $31, and we have enough leftovers for dinner.  Not bad for two meals for two. So although I only give the food a solid B+, I will probably be back at some point to try a few other things.  It's a nice place to have around, but not a destination.

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