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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Very Small Thanksgiving

The rules are simple around our house: 

1. We may only be 4 for Thanksgiving, but we're going to eat like 10.
2. In this household, we start drinking at noon.

So after a day of drinking and cooking, we sat down to this mini feast. I say mini, but I think we did pretty well. A Mary's heritage turkey (amazing!), bourbon cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, J's award winning gravy (the award being #1 status in our family),and winter veggies from our CSA box.

Ever the artist, S plated her dinner into a work of art before devouring it (and a second plate, of course).

Here's our 11lb wonder from Mary's. We're going to be enjoying turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey porridge, and cold turkey all weekend long.

And in case you were wondering if there were any secret ingredients used, there weren't. You already know Thanksgiving dinners are comprised 50% of pure butter and cream. Happy eating, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there... looks so yummy! - Cat