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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beautiful Santa Rosa (Sazon, Flying Goat, Aleworks)

A weekend in one of our favorite cities (Santa Rosa) always yields good eats and good times. Today, we introduced P to a few favorites, and discovered a few new ones along the way.

We started the day at Sazon Peruvian restaurant. Turns out, they're owned by relatives of the owners of Fresca in the city! The food was great, but I have to give Fresca the edge. But if you find yourself in Santa Rosa, this is definitely a wonderful choice. The croquettes were one of my favorite items today.

Anticuchos (beef hearts). Always a favorite of mine, and nicely spiced at Sazon. I give La Mar the edge for the crunchy tenderness the beef hearts are supposed to have, and P would have preferred more cumin and oregano. Still, a lovely rendition.

Pork tamales. A special of the day, and hands down my favorite item today. Peruvian tamales are bigger, and more moist and fluffy than their Mexican counterparts. I loved the juiciness. Honestly, I could have eaten two of these.

Ceviche Nikkei. This was just okay. Fresh ingredients, but a little heavy on the soy sauce. I prefer Fresca's and La Mar's.

Bellies full, we headed to Flying Goat Coffee for some hot beverages. Given the frigid weather, I opted for the Aztec Mocha. It was made with spicy chocolate, and came in a big ol' 12 ounce size so I had plenty of hot fluids to keep me going. The drink was beautifully composed, with pristine latte art. Truly, one of those "little" things in life I really relish.

Fast forward...we spent the rest of the afternoon at Balletto and Martin Ray Wineries and met some fantastic people. Then, at 5 p.m., it was time to hightail it to Aleworks for seats smack in front of the bar's biggest television. Beer, the best garlic fries in the world, more beer, a mountain of steak nachos, more beer, and then this celebratory $6 Brownie Tower to celebrate a big win for the 49ers. Go Team!  I slacked off on photo duties, but here are some Aleworks tasting notes:

-Annadel: an Aleworks mega award winner, and one of the smoothest, least bitter ales I've ever tasted.
-Pomegranate cider: think Jolly Rancher in liquid form, spiked with a little booze, and you'll have an idea of what this sweet and tart cider tastes like.
-Puddlejumper Cask Aged Ale: Aleworks' answer to Pliny the Elder. Passion fruit notes mixed with a pleasant bitterness. This one has a lot going for it.
-Irish Stout: a dark beer for coffee lovers. I tasted toastiness, coffee, and a long lingering earthy finish.

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Daisy Dog said...

So glad you are back! Missed you during your hiatus!