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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Presidio Social Club

Another hidden local treasure became a favorite today: The Presidio Social Club! We ended up there after searching high and low for last minute reservations for a large party (plus toddler, plus vegans). This bright, airy, and cheerful restaurant ended up being the perfect solution to our problems.

The crowd was solidly "Sunday Brunch," with a nice mix of couples, friends, and families. I can't think of a group this wouldn't be lovely for (I'm thinking dates, girls' day out, a food stop with tourists, a place to impress parents). The menu is short, but with something for everyone. Today's favorites included:

  • Brioche beignets with chocolate sauce
  • Tuna poke with homemade potato chips
  • A bacon and egg sandwich that came perfectly toasted, with a beautiful salad on the side
  • Chilaquiles, both vegetarian and not
  • A spring pea and asparagus scramble with soft fresh ricotta
  • A vegan banh mi (I know, I thought it was crazy too! But the consensus was, it was veg-a-riffic)
  • Fresh veggies and a sliced up chicken breast, special order for our toddler. They were very accommodating of his needs, and brought him crayons and paper for doodling

My favorite dish was the crab louis salad: butter lettuce, a perfectly poached egg, and plenty of chilled Dungeness crab. The dressing was a little heavy for my taste, but the rest of the salad was cool, crisp, refreshing, and perfect after the long jog I took to get there.

The ambiance, food, service, view, and company all meshed together to make this a true San Francisco experience. I'll be back soon, with groups big or small.

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