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I'm testing out a new Q&A system via Facebook.  I think it will result in a quicker response, and possibly input from readers as well as myself!

I'm happy to answer questions related to the San Francisco food scene.  Tell me a little about your food preferences and what you're looking for, and I'll do my best to direct you to your next successful food adventure!  The more specific you are (price range, neighborhood, cuisine style, number of people) the better my answer will be!


Nancy said...

Hello Pei!

My friend, who loves ice cream, is visiting San Francisco for the first time. Where are the best ice cream places in San Francisco?


Pei said...

Hello Nancy!

My hands-down favorite ice cream shop in SF is Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. They were recently named the Chronicle's favorite as well, but I like to say I called it first. :) They have really unique flavors like candied violet and Full Sail IPA (both delicious). They also have the saltiest salted caramel ice cream in town. But what they truly excel at is chocolate. I didn't think chocolate ice cream could get more delicious than it already is, but MMM makes a version that is just more intensely chocolatey than anyone else's. They claim the lower % fat in their milk allows flavors to shine through. I think it also keeps you from feeling full, which means a double scoop is super easy to gobble down :)

Also amazing:
Humphrey Slocombe

Anonymous said...

Hi Pei ~

If you had to pick one place to take someone out to a Sunday lunch in SF, where would you go? Someplace affordable (under $20 each), nothing really fancy, but good atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pei,

On Saturday, March 21, 2009. You posted a picture of Oil and Vinegar display.
Can you please tell me where I can buy those jars?


Pei said...

Apologies, folks, got a little backed up on the comments.

Nikki: the oil and vinegar display is from a store in Bellevue, WA. The name of the store is actually Oil & Vinegar. Here's their Yelp link:

Anonymous: These days, I'm loving La Terasse and Elite Cafe for brunch. La Terasse is in an open, airy place, perfect for sunny days. The food is light and the mojitos are delicious. Elite Cafe is inspired by New Orleans. The interior is old school, dark wood paneling and gold accents. The food is heavy and rich, and you'll want a bloody mary to go with. Both might be a little over $20, but not by much (before alcohol). They're both fun, laid back spots with great food. If you absolutely have to keep it under $20, try dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge! But you'll have to get there early.

Links to photos:

Candice said...

Hi pei!My friend and I are going to be staying in San Fran for about 3 days! I was wondering where I can get some affordable food that is Native to SF. Are there any hole in the wall places? Or Seafood that's good in december? Or middle eastern?Italian?
Thank you for your help! Much appreciated :)

Pei said...

Hi Candice!

Sorry for the slow response: I'm really trying to get all questions directed to Facebook these days.

But here goes! For a three-day, affordable trip, I would suggest the following:

-Sotto Mare for a slightly hole-in-the-wall, very Italian, very seafood experience. Reasonable prices, big portions!

-I just had some wonderful lamb couscous and lentil soup at Zitouna today. It's kind of more Moroccan/Tunisian than Middle Eastern, but it's great. Tajine, further up on Polk, is also wonderuful especially if you like kebabs.

-Bund Shanghai is one of the few places in Chinatown that I really like. The Shanghai Soup Dumplings are among the best in the downtown area and I've never had moo shu pork anywhere but there that I found even remotely passable. At Bund, they're actually a real treat.

Happy eating!